I want to know about holism and materialism because I believe in both.

I want to read more good books and think about philosophical things.

Hell, I want to write a book about philosophical things. I have vague feelings about what I want to say and how (and I’ll typeset it with LaTeX) but I can’t get it out onto the page. The characters are even there but they can’t get their act together.

I want to meet more people and talk about these things.

I want to remember how to speak, read, and write Japanese again. Or at least get more practice so I don’t forget.

I want to understand the universe and cosmology, from the largest supercluster to the smallest string. That’s why I’m in physics. But I want to see how it connects to sociology and history and the future and religion and everything else, which you can’t find in Lagrangians and vector operators.

I really need to figure out what to do.

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