… and that makes me happy.

I have no idea how widespread this is, but I know in my family we eat tons of pancakes topped with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, whipped cream, and of course copious amounts of maple syrup. Honestly, I don’t know how anybody else can eat pancakes without maple syrup. No, Aunt Jemima doesn’t count. That’s sacrilege.

I guess there’s some religious significance… something about using up the foods you aren’t allowed to eat during lent. For us its an excuse for eating sweet sweet pancakes for supper. In fact a while back we decided we liked doing it so much we now have Pancake Day three or four times a year.

If only I still had my mom to cook for me… Mom’s pancakes kick my pancakes out the window.

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  1. eagle82 says:

    I know what you mean…pancake day was the best! I guess I’m sacreligious though…we always used Aunt Jemima’s. LOL…I live in a small northern community and there is no real maple sugar to buy here. Hell…we were lucky to have Aunt Jemima’s half the time! LOL…I have never tasted real maple syrup. One of those days I maybe. :)

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