Every once in a while I notice a particular keyword jump to the top of search keywords that bring people to this site. Sometimes it’s just because one person does the same search many times, but sometimes it’s because I post a blog about something popular at the moment.

For example, it seems that I’m not the only person who loves CBC’s olympic theme song. And ever since I posted a blog entry about it, 25% of my visitors have gotten here by searching for “cbc olympic theme”. I put up an mp3 version from the 2004 games in Athens, but you can get an older and simpler (but slower and therefore less intense) version here.

Naturally I get a fair number of people searching for information on Lord of the Rings landing on my essay The Songs and Language of Tolkien, but even more than that I get people searching for stuff on the short story Araby by James Joyce. These searches generally take the form of “metaphors in james joyce araby”, “meaning of…”, “character development in…”, and so on. It really makes me wonder how many high school students out there are quoting (or plagiarising) my review in their Grade 10 english essays.

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  1. piksea says:

    I have a book blog and I get tons of people looking up very specific book information. Mostly, they must be very disappointed when they see I post just my thoughts on the books I read and nothing as specific as they are looking for.

    I never considered that there were probably a bunch of cheaters looking to scam info from someone else for school. Hmmm, well then I guess it serves them right. I usually felt bad that they wound up at my site and didn’t get the info they were looking for.

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