Well everybody who cares knows by now that Crash won Best Picture at the Oscars this week, beating out the favoured Brokeback Mountain. A lot of people seem to be up in arms about it, calling it a copout, among other things.

I liked Brokeback Mountain, and I admit that I was hoping it would win. But honestly, I think it was only because of all the hype in the media leading up to the big event. (Which is really out of character for me, by the way, since my usual knee-jerk reaction is to go against whatever other people are saying.)

I haven’t sat down and watched both movies through with a critical eye the way (I would hope) those in the Academy have, but I can say Crash stimulated me in a way that Brokeback Mountain — love it as I do — didn’t. Maybe it’s because I like the many interwoven storylines, or because I was able to pick up on some of the symbolism, or even just because I think its a bit of a cheat for a movie to take its greatness from the story it’s based on. When it comes down to it I likely would have made the same decision.

Then again, maybe that’s just my knee-jerk reaction, as it seems a good number of people think the opposite. Google “why brokeback lost” and you’ll get all sorts of political commentary that I tend to disagree with.

Now, the real question is, should I bother going out to swim a few laps, or should I just keep eating cookie dough straight from the package?

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  1. David says:

    just keep eating cookie dough. it’s not like you’re fat or anything. you must be one of the skinniest white people i know :-P

    crash also had great campaigning behind it. they sent out dvds to tons of the actors within the academy which constitute the largest single group and appealed to them b/c of the ensemble cast and all. brokeback was also getting a little too much attention at other festivals and etc and was losing steam by the time it hit oscars~

  2. GP says:

    That’s what I’ve been reading. I don’t really buy it though.

  3. carrie says:

    mmmm …. cookie dough

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