It occurs to me that if some stranger wanted to prove they really knew me – maybe somebody trying to prove that they’re my life long lover in an alternate universe, for example – I don’t know what they’d have to say to do it. Anything that’s not easily found on google could be found out from friends. They couldn’t even say I have a mole or birthmark in some hidden location because I don’t even remember what moles or birthmarks I have. Aside from a wide variety of scars, anyway… but half of those are on my face (thanks, mom), so that’s not a big secret. What could they possibly say…

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  1. candoor says:

    except for the fact that I expose 98% of my conscious mind on the web, I thing the same thought you thought in this entry… at least i think I think the same thought you thought, but then, not being in your mind, I can only think I do :)

    good luck finding a soul mate :)

  2. David says:

    question is, does your life long lover (just use soulmate sheesh) have to know you to be with you? isn’t discovery part of the fun?

  3. GP says:

    That’s not the point. A soulmate need not be a life long lover. A soulmate may have just met me, but a life long lover would know that I have a mole on my wrist and a scar on my thumb from when I fell off my bicycle. Or maybe that’s Gonzo. Yeah, definitely Gonzo.

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