I just noticed my refrigerator brand is Kelvinator. I wonder if anybody not in physics finds that humorous… sounds like it’d be more suited for a microwave to me though. “I’ll kelvinate you till steam comes out your ears!”

From now on, it’s no longer called a refrigerator. It’s a dekelvinator. Possibly followed by some dramatic cords.

“Where should I put the leftover macaroni salad?”

“In the dekelvinator. Da da daaaaa!

That reminds me, I have a huge craving for some good old PFK right now…

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  1. shirley says:

    I’m not in Physics & I find the Kelvinator hiliarious! Sounds like a Terminator robot or something.

  2. [...] any case, no doubt his arch nemesis (our hero) would be The Kelvinator, who would combat The Pesto-Flash by freezing his basil based weapons, ruining their flavour and [...]

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