Would somebody, for the love of God, tell me what <l’m'|z|lm> equals? This is driving me crazy. The current assignment requires that many times. Unless even the little I have done so far is also wrong. Then, I’m really screwed. I also need to know <lm|J_z^2|lm>, and <lm|JS|lm>, and <lm|SJ|lm>, and <lm|S_z^2|lm>. Oh dear.

You know, yesterday at this time there were only two people in the Redpath Info CafĂ©. Now, there are about 10. At this rate, there will be about 61 billion people in this room studying for exams come the first day of the exam period. Isn’t uni grand.

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  1. david says:

    so this is what you really do while at redpath. i’ll hunker down with you some time this week too…. so much work that i’ve spent SO little time on…

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