The number one pet peeve I have about surfing the internet, in particular other peoples’ blogs, is music built into webpages. If I wanted to be listening to music, I’d already be playing my own! And since I usually am doing just that, any music people put onto their webpages starts playing at the same time as my own, and I have to frantically search around the offending page until I find that stupid stop button. Then I immediately make a note never to visit there again.

Today’s just been one of those days where I’ve had too much sleep to be entirely functional anymore, and I ran out of milk. Anybody who knows me will understand what that means. I want to avoid going to Provigo since I invariably spend at least 20$, and I’m way over budget lately. But, I can’t go to the dep on the corner since (1) the last milk I bought there was sour and (2) I don’t want to pay the extra 50 cents since I’m way over budget lately.

I need to do something about this chili craving. I may just have to go buy something in a can since I don’t want to wait the hour it would take to make some myself. But I’m way over budget lately. Oh, what’s a guy to do…

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  1. Barnze says:

    I hate that as well..a link is ok but no Kenny fucking Rogers thanks..What obout folks who blog as dogs or cats..Whats all that about?

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