I don’t know how you did it, Mr. Donut, but somehow that strange new doughnut you introduced to Japan back in the spring of ’03 has made its way into the Tim Horton’s lineup. They call it “beigne √©toil√© au citron”, but as soon as I saw it I thought “Holy crap it’s a ring de pom!” I suppose I should have seen it coming. If it was new in Japan three years ago…

But alas, the resemblance is pretty much superficial. The Tim Horton’s variety only comes in one flavour (lemon), and it lacks that strange chewy quality that the ring de pom had. Mmmm… slightly chewy rice paste doughnut… It probably sounds gross to a lot of people, but it sure grew on me.

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  1. David says:

    I really miss this Japanese bakery in HK called ‘Panash’ and their cheese balls…mm…and their curry puffs…mmmmm

    It’s a business subsidiary of Pasco/Shikishima in Hong Kong~

  2. GP says:

    Me, I liked Pompadour in Nagasaki. Although that day we got warm Shoe Cream Bun right out of the oven in Epi-Ciel was fantastic.

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