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Living the first two and a half years of my university career in Solin Hall (about 20 minutes from campus by metro) and then in Verdun (30 minutes by bus), I never really felt restricted by the “McGill bubble”. Now, living one block away, things are a bit more subdued. In particular I miss taking the bus. I love that commercial for the Montreal Gazette with the woman watching people on the streets as they drive by on the bus because I always loved doing just that. That and the music is perfect bus riding music.

I think it was Anita who said that you could tell which foreigners lived in Japan and which ones were just tourists — tourists never took the bus. Nagasaki’s a much smaller city than Montreal of course, but it seemed bigger in that there was always a new street to explore. In particular when I lived in the Irabayashi district, there were probably no less than 12 different routes I could take to school. Up to Kazagashira Yama, down to Suwa Jinja, or through Teramachi. Up Oranda Zaka or through Minato Park… and so many more. I’ll never forget the day I tried to get from Hamanomachi to Kaisei Koukou and, because I didn’t yet know my way around, neglected to turn right at McDonalds (“Let’s Olympic!”). I knew I was lost when I could look out across the valley and see Kaisei’s characteristic bright blue roofs on the other mountain. You never really know your way around a city until you get lost in it a few times.

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  1. I read and got some information I was totally ignorant of.

    God bless.

  2. david says:

    i actually don’t like how it’s almost impossible to get lost in montreal because of the whole grid system. i agree that it’s true that you don’t really know city until you’ve gotten lost in it a few times…lost and discover new areas you’d normally not frequent. i loved wandering the streets of florence just b/c it was so pedestrian friendly and the whole city had so many interesting side streets and cafes etc

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