- From the Notebooks of Mr. Ibis”
American Gods, by Neal Gaiman, Chapter 19, page 427.

Today was, if anything, an odd one.

I seemed destined to go into my finals blind, as I missed getting back my midterm in class today. And this is one of those midterms that I don’t want to go up to the prof and ask for. That means I’d have to face the prof. And he’d look at me, and then down at the mark on my paper, and then up at me, and I’d know what he was thinking.

But really, any day that begins with me thinking “Frig, what am I, a 15 year old high school girl?” to thinking, while looking at the course calendar, “Hmm… applications of the three dimensional Schrodinger equation to the hydogren and neon atoms sounds interesting. Physics 457: Quantum Physics 2… I should take that… oh wait, I am taking that….” can’t be anything other than odd.

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