It’s +6 degrees out. People are wearing T-shirts and eating ice cream in front of the engineering building. Sure, there are still snowbanks around and the boards for the skating rink are still up, but I noticed that there are buds on the trees in front of the James Admin building, and even bigger ones in front of Redpath. I also noticed one of my profs walking outside puffing a big pipe, which was cool.

And further more, I just got permission from the Associate Dean to do a philosophy minor, should I so choose. I might even be able to wrangle it so I can pay Quebec tuition my last year. I’m still gathering information about it, and I might not decide to do anything differently in the end. I know my mom and dad seem dead set against it, but I’m very happy to have the option.

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4 Responses to “There are buds”

  1. fin says:

    gotta love bagpipes

  2. GP says:

    It’d true, I do love bagpipes, but alas my prof only had a big pipe. Not nearly as cool.

  3. david says:

    whoa i thought you were kidding about the philosophy minor. unno, some kinda physics joke about arts students :-P

  4. GP says:

    Clearly you thought it was so funny. This time last year I was seriously looking at an education degree. But this time it’ll stick. I’ve already updated facebook and everything, which makes it final.

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