There’s nothing like spending 14 hours in Burnside on a Sunday morning/afternoon/evening/night. Gotta love those big physics labs.

Now that all the snow’s melted away and we’re having rainy spring weather, there’s a distinct odour of rotting leaves, dead worms, and I dare say even a little skunk in the air. The cool part was, when walking home from campus just now, there wasn’t a single car on University Ave. Not even parked by the side. Seeing the street extend way up and down the hill in either direction was just a little bit surreal.

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2 Responses to “Where is everybody”

  1. david says:

    it’s the melting poo.

    skunk smells like sesame oil. seriously. it’s an odor that i familiarized myself with while living in upper rez.

  2. Cara-bellum says:

    Oh thank God someone else agrees. I thought I was going nuts. God bless Google.

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