Anybody who lives here in Quebec has probably heard that Hydro Quebec is raising their rates by about 5 percent starting April 1st. Today, the CTV local news is asking viewers if they think this rate hike is excessive. To that I have to say, “How the hell should I know?”

Sure, I would prefer no rate hike at all. But I don’t work for Hydro’s finance department. I’m not an economist. I have no knoweldge about how much it costs to provide power to this big old province. Unless you actually understand the economics behind it, I don’t care if you think it’s excessive or not.

This seems to me to be exactly like, I’m sorry to say, when Michael Jackson was on trial. Without knowing anything about the evidence against him, thousands of people had no trouble coming out in support of him, and for each one of those there was another who was convinced that he was guilty. When he was found innocent, those people went on rants about celebrities getting a free ride. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought the whole point of the justice system was so that we wouldn’t be running out and lynching whoever we happen to think is a little creepy.

Hydro rate hikes have to go through an approval process before they come into effect. Maybe it is more than they need but I know it’s not as much as they asked for. Obviously I don’t like my bill going up, but that doesn’t entitle me to decide whether it’s excessive.

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