I love looking at my to-do list on a day when I have nothing real to do (i.e. school work or work work) and seeing so many things checked off. It rarely comes to this. And the two things that aren’t checked off I have good excuses for.

1) They closed the swimming pool for maintenance. On the very day that I finally decided to go, after three months.

2) Quantum means studying for my exam, but I got an email from my prof saying that there’d be no way to make up extra marks to prevent my imminent failure. That’s the kind of thing that sucks motivation right out of a person. Either that or infuses them with even more motivation to get 100% on the final because that’s the only thing that will stop them from failing. Unfortunately I’m the former, but I’m okay with that.

So many other things have been done (or are in the progress of being done) that it’s fantastic. Reluctant as I was to hop on the Swiffer bandwagon, I finally did it, and boy was it nauseating. The highlight during sweeping and mopping was finding, among other things, a calculator and rubber band.

I also found out that I have real genuine professional baker genes, by way of my grandfather. (This is the same grandfather by which I have real genuine Bohemian heritage, and who once stole a horse.) I called home to find out from my mom how I could tell when my bread was done, but she wasn’t home, so my dad just told me to use my baker instincts.

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  1. Audrey says:

    GREG!!! The banana bread is AMAZING!!! oh! so yummy! thank you!

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