I want…

…a new bike
because my dad sold my old one under the impression that I would never come home again. $350.
…a new cell phone
because mine has been a piece of crap ever since I bought it. $300.
…a new printer
that can do double sided printing. My current printer senses me trying to do double sided manually and automatically causes a paper jam. $250.
…an external hard drive
because I don’t trust my laptop with all my precious precious incorporeal possesions. $170 (on sale!).
…a tablet input device
so that I can try to be as cool as Natalie Dee. $400.
…a washing machine
for my appartment, because I’m too lazy to walk across the street every time I get a shirt dirty. $400.
because it’s cheaper than a land line and just darn cool. If only they offered it in Canada. $40/year plus an optional $60 for an adapter for a regular phone.
…a domain name
because all respectable websites have one. $10/year. Might as well throw in some decent web hosting at $10/month.
…an iPod
since my MD Player is about to die. I can feel it in my bones. $380.
…wireless speakers
so I can hear my music in the kitchen and in the bathroom without putting the volume up as high as my stereo goes. $300.

… and you might was well throw in everything on this list. All I need to get it all for myself is just over three thousand dollars, before taxes and shipping. No problem.

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6 Responses to “Dear Santa and any rich friends”

  1. David says:

    wait you said that you didn’t like ipods.

    make up your damn mind!

  2. GP says:

    I only don’t like iPods because everybody has one. Any MP3 player that has 10 GB would do. I just didn’t feel like looking for another kind.

  3. Mark Base says:

    I might send you some banana bread, as you appeared to like the recipe on my site.

    (Please allow six to eight years for delivery.)

  4. Pugs says:

    hmmm… don’t want much then? lol

  5. Anita says:

    I thought my MD player was on it’s last legs, then I realised it was just the three year old super dooper rechargeable battery! And I work in an electronics store…

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