Sometimes I just log into my blog account and click the new post button without having thought at all about what I might write. It’s just one of the things I throw in between checking my email for the fifth time in as many minutes, logging into facebook for the eigth time today, or looking if anybody has updated their blogs, livejournals, and xangas in the last fifteen minutes.

It occured to me that I have only six days left in Montreal before going to work in New Brunswick for the summer. Things to do before then:

  1. Study for and write two exams
  2. Sell my little boys for science
  3. Get free ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s
  4. Go to Canadian Tire to have some keys cut
  5. Eat all perishable food items in the house

Ice cream sandwiches count as perishable food items, right? I mean, they can’t last in my freezer forever. Right. I think I’ll start working on number 5 then.

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