So it isn’t due until Thursday. Of course, if you noticed that the first question on this good copy I was going to hand in today starts on number five, you know that’s a good thing. I have three assingments due the next three days and I work the next two nights and this is the last week to work on our lab worth 33%.

Well, it could be worse. Everybody else seems to get really stressed out once exams start, but for me it’s the opposite. Usually come the first day of the exam period I’m thinking “Sweet! Four days without having to pass in any assignments! Freedom is mine!” This year, to make it even better, I have a delicious two weeks to lounge around and study at my leisure. Of course I shouldn’t make that too leisurely, as I still need an A- in Quantum Physics to pass… And now I have chocolate stain on my crotch! Oh brother.

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