The problem with my physics assignments nowadays is that they’re all about the math and I don’t feel like I’m learning much new about how the world works. The details about the derivation of some tiny perturbation to a Hamiltonian of a Helium atom don’t really stimulate my interest anymore. I still want to learn about the result and the consequences of all the various types of mechanics I’m studying but this insignificant algebra is killing me. I’ve sung it before and I’ll sing it again:

Bring back the season
Bring back the time
Bring back the wonder
That used to be mine
Laughing and splashing
We lived in a glow
Bring back the wonder
We knew long ago
- Red Fraggle in “Bring Back the Wonder”

I’d be happy if my understanding ended up somewhere in between popular science novel and Ph.D thesis. Frankly, I’d be pretty happy if I had a luleelurah.

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  1. David says:

    i lonely dark cock that’s going and pulling


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