I spent another full day in the Burnside dungeon today working on the last lab report of the semester. Oh so sweet. At two o’clock on Monday I’ll be free, free and high…

There’s a million wings to sing you on your way
You can play with friendly winds and feel the sky go winding by
In the air you breathe you feel your heartbeat tell you where the highway leads
The earth is like a dream beneath the sky
Let your heart fly free and high
Let it fly way up high
Let it climb up to the sky
Let it soar
You’ll be more than before
Let your heart fly free and high-Wembley Fraggle in “Free and High”

But not until Monday.

Oh, I should say, I met the worstest, most uncute, ridiculously fat boy in the whole wide world. And he smells. Or maybe the bestest, cutest, not-fatest-at-all person. Whatever. He still smells. :p

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