It’s already practically Thursday (cause you know I’m not getting any work done tonight), which leaves seven days of possible studying time for my first exam, Classical Mechanics. I think what I really need to do, though, is to write a desparate sounding email to my Quantum prof asking for ways to make up marks. It’s pretty hard to compensate for a lousy semester with a stellar final when the thing’s only worth 40%. Boo.

At least I have done a few productive things. Sitting around outside with David is of course always at the top of my to-do list, so that counts. Laundry too. And a bit of shopping. I swear to god there isn’t any fashion in the stores I like this year. After three days of looking, I finally figured screw it and bought the first pair of jeans that I liked enough to bother trying on. Nothing really hot but at least I now officially have three wearable pairs of pants. Combine that with my six or so wearable shirts and I have enough outfits for more than two weeks. My wardrobe is huge, I tell you.

Edit: I also bought a new swimsuit today, which I’ve been meaning to do for two years. That’s how bad I am at shopping.

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