Reports of my imminent failure have been greatly exaggerated.

In my biannual tradition of calculating what percent I need on each of my finals to receive any particular grade, I have determined that it is not guaranteed that I will fail anything, as previously believed. I was pleasantly surprised to even find out that Quantum Mechanics is not exactly my worst class. I only need (probably) a 75 on the final to pass, whereas I need a 76 in Classical Mechanics. Now I still admit that that’s much easier said than done, but at least I’m not as pooped and demoralized as I was about it before.

Uh-oh. I think I just alluded to Kurt Vonnegut. Crap. I need to go wash my hands. My banana bread is almost ready anyway. (Yes, I made another loaf… all for myself this time…)

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  1. David says:

    watch out for banana bread purists/extremists/fundamentalists :-P

  2. Mark Base says:

    Hey wow! I’m a banana bread lover too!

    Check out my extra-easy recipe:

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