Oh god, I just had one of those really stupid moments where I read something on my computer and burst out laughing. A big dorky HA HA HA HA kind of laugh. While sitting here in the Info Cafe (i.e. the library). And since I had my headphones on, I didn’t realise how loud I was probably being until at least 5 HA’s into it, at which point I promptly stopped and pretended like it never happened. Denial is the answer to everything.

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4 Responses to “Thanks a lot David”

  1. Meg says:

    You’re so cute.

  2. Dr.John says:

    Who is David. I could use a good laugh about now.

  3. aka_monty says:

    HA HA HA H…



  4. david says:

    wow i’m finally mentioned in your blog.

    what about the story about how you met the bestests, most cutestest, not-fatstest-at-all person in the whole wide world?

    thanks a lot, greg. :-P

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