The good thing about being back in New Brunswick for the summer is family dinners. We had spaghetti tonight.

Dad: “Did you change the recipie for this sauce?”
Mom, with shifty-eyes: “No….”

Meanwhile, my sister has started staring very closely at her plate. Slowly she picks up her fork and separates something out of the sauce, moving it to the edge of her plate. A moment later she finds another one and moves it to the side as well. She squints at them very carefully.

Sister: “Why are there orange things in this?”
Mom: “I can’t get anything past you two, can I?”

Then the whole story comes out. The whole story being that she added orange peppers tonight since she thought it would blend in with the red sauce enough that nobody would even notice. I was with her earlier in the day when she did it, so right from the second my dad started questioning it I was just trying not to laugh and give the whole game away.

My sister, meanwhile, has continued picking things out of the sauce.

Mom: “Darn, she found the celery too.”

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  1. Hari says:

    Hehe! You’ve left already mate! Meh… Will you be gone the whole summer?


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