Raleigh Matterhorn

The used bike sale at Darling’s Island being a bust, we finally just bit the bullet and sold our souls to Canadian Tire. Normally I love Canadian Tire but they didn’t give me any Canadian Tire Money this time and that annoys me. But now I can release all my pent up aggression on the open road. If that’s what you want to call Highland Avenue. The ghost in the upper part of the picture is, by the way, Gus.

I’ve now also had a productive afternoon of chasing said dog around the house with my camera (he’s afraid of them), improving my record to 19 minutesm, and buying needless gadgets on eBay. That last bit is not as casual as it might sound, since internet around here is very slow lately. Anybody remember the days when New Brunswick was the testing ground for all the breaking technologies? When Vibe was basically a dedicated T1 in every home? Now it’s just bad DSL. It’s much harder to make impulse purchases on eBay when you have to wait literally 5 minutes for each page to load.

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  1. David says:

    i WANT to comment, but every time i just get so discouraged and think “oh gosh i’ll have to do that stupid verifying thing ughhhhh”


    that is all.

  2. brina says:

    awww… that picture of gus is so cute!

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