“Out of our hundred original aspirant writers, half will never get around to writing anything. That leaves us with fifty…” – From “Heinlein’s Rules“, part of Robert Sawyer’s “On Writing” series.

The annoying thing about reading good books, interesting online tidbits, and the successes of my favourite writer is that they are make me want to write something good.

I have some vague ideas for a novel floating around in my head, but they never quite settle down enough. I guess they never will if I don’t actually start writing something down. At the same time I often think my ideas are just a bit too much like old Robert Sawyer books I’ve read, but never as clever and interesting. (I think my upcoming courses in moral philosophy, etc, will help me add lots of depth to what I do have though.)

I also still haven’t figured out how to travel through time. That’s holding me back a bit.

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