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It’s not as nice as this at the Renforth Wharf tonight. I like taking the old road back from the university just so I can drive along this stretch, where the trees give way on one side and the mighty Kennebecasis shows herself. They always called it the mighty Kennebecasis in newspapers, back when Fox Farm Road actually had fox farms on it.

There are rivers in some places that aren’t as long as the Kennebecasis is wide. I always remember that when looking across to Long Island, at the same time forgetting that Long Island is actually an island in the river and not the opposite shore. I only found it was called Long Island last week.

James Renforth lost his life here and I still suspect foul play. He was the only man to get the better of the Paris Crew, but failed to cross the finish line in the rematch. Heart attack, stroke, and consumption they called it, depending on which paper you read. It is not a fit I have had – I will tell you all directly. Those are the same papers that always called the Kennebecasis mighty. Today the Heritage Minutes say the Paris Crew were unbeaten, but I know better.

Tonight it was drizzly and a rare freight train was lumbering along this same stretch of river and road. The sky was low to the ground with fog pulled in from the harbour, and all the sailboats were safely away in the marina. I realised at this point that I was being that guy who holds up traffic by actually obeying the speed limit. I bumped it up to 65 km/h, made the turn right onto Old Hampton Road and made my way home for supper.

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