I discovered while doing a little casual reading on fourier transforms (because who doesn’t love analyzing a good spectra on a Friday afternoon?) that I’m not an equations kind of guy. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy to use equations and come up with equations to calculate things, but when reading through a mathetmatical textbook like this one I find myself just skipping over the equations to read the text.

Also, this guy needs to learn, that a sentence does not always need, three commas.

There are visual learners and auditory learners. I think there are equation learners and word learners. I’m a word learner. Maybe there’s a better term for it. I can look at an equation and see nothing at all, but then as soon as there’s a sentence attached to it, I’m good to go.

I did have a nice little epiphany somewhere in chapter 3 about how we’re actually using fourier transforms. The light comes in all at once and by performing the transform you can pick out what frequencies there are. Nice. It’s like playing a cord on the piano and being able to hear what individual notes make it up.

And did you know there’s a 300 level math course at McGill on colouring? I bet the first thing they do is provide a formulaic definition for “colouring” and take all the fun out of it.

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