I never thought it’d happen but I just read a book from Oprah’s Book Club. I feel like I’m supposed to have cried and become a better person. So to make up for it I went and watched South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

I was vaguely reminded of Les Miserables through most of the second half. I thought they might have been spoofing it, but generally spoofs are more obvious and, well, of things people would know. I don’t know that the majority of South Park fans are big on their French revolutionary musical theatre. Nonetheless, I could swear that at the moment all the children go stand next to Terrance and Phillip at that end, they played a little snippet of Little People. I noticed because I despise that song.

And on an almost entirely unrelated note, I need an identification on a song—artist, title, and mp3, ideally. Googling it won’t, despite my sister’s belief to the contrary, work. I’ve tried. And if you do happen to find it that way, I’d like like to know the particular search terms involved as well. Here goes:

Hey good looking, why the frown?
You know it looks much better when it’s upside down

… or something to that effect.

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  1. brina says:

    southpark was totally spoofing les miserables. isn’t that strange? i love the part where they all start singing–the moms, the soldiers, the kids, etc. the character ‘the mole’ was some direct take out of l.m., but i don’t know the musical well enough to tell you who. anyways, isn’t it the best movie ever?!?!?!

  2. GP says:

    Well I always love a good musical climax like that. And I’ve grown strangely fond of South Park lately in general. So it was a good combo.

    And I read on Wikipedia that Terrance and Phillip might have been named after two actors from Les Mis… so perhaps it’s all true.

  3. brina says:

    terrance and phillip were named after people from les miz? that’s crazy! and yes, south park is da bomb. especially later south park. ah… good ol social commentary mixed with poo humor. ahh…

  4. tommy says:

    –Joel Plaskett, “Nowhere with You”

  5. GP says:

    I love you, tommy.
    In a completely platonic way, I mean.

  6. Jeff Crowder says:

    For the Joel Plaskett song, you can only get it on his DVD, unless you can find it for download.

    I ordered mine off his website.

    I saw his show in Hamilton a few weeks ago…fantastic!

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