I always thought it was a bit odd that in order to walk into the Royal Victoria Hospital, I’d invariably have to walk through a gaggle of stinky people and their cloud of smoke. It’s bugged me so much that I came very close to filing a real complaint. Well no more! I got a lovely email from the VP Administration at McGill. As of today,

“Smoking is prohibited within a radius of nine metres (30 feet) outside any door leading to a health or social services institution, to a postsecondary educational institution, or to a facility where activities for minors are provided.”

Hopefully they’ll also enforce this around campus (as they promise) so I won’t go through the same thing at the entrance to the Rutherford building. Especially that one particular guy who shall remain unidentified. He bugs me.

It doesn’t cover all of campus, though. Some areas are still smokable, including,

“Green spaces on either side of the main pathway leading from the Roddick Gates entrance (including the football field, “beach,” and surrounding areas).”

This brings up a very, I think, important question… Since when does McGill have a beach on the lower field? What am I missing here?

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  1. David says:

    i think it’s the slanty part.

  2. Audrey says:

    Yeah I’d love it if they can really inforce this. I hate having to walk through clouds of smoke before entering the leacock building.. especially in the winter…. stupid people gathering in front of doors….!!! GARRR!

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