Oh Prom, I remember you. This time it was for my sister, though. All dressed up fancy like I don’t think she’s ever been her whole life. Tomorrow’s the big day with the graduation ceremony and then my family is, after more than twenty years, officially done with the regular school system. Sure there’s university for both her and me still, but that doesn’t really count since my mom doesn’t get to volunteer in the library.

If I were more of a sentimental guy I might say something uplifting, deep, or meaningful. Instead I’ll stick with what I put in my grad write up back in the day: Pukka pukka pukka pukka squeetily boink!

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  1. Max says:

    Came from BM, and I just wanted to say that your sister looks very pretty all dressed up.

    Graduating high school is just the start of your life. I myself haven’t started College yet, but it’s coming down the road quite soon here and I’m honestly quite scared of getting outside of my little bubble.

    Good luck to you and your sister throughout University!

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