I used to be able to identify at least 12 and possibly as many as 20 constellations in the sky. When people would ask me where something was or what a particular star was supposed to be a part of, they’d often get annoyed and say that the whole idea was a pretty big stretch.

Pretty much everybody can spot the big dipper, though not many say it really does look like a bear’s behind. Cassiopeia is even worse… since when does a ‘W’ look like a queen? Don’t even get me started on Triangulum.

A big part of the problem is light pollution. Even in small town New Brunswick I have a hard time seeing some of the less major constellations, and you pretty much have to drive clear into nowhere to see something like the Milky Way. Probably just as important, though, is a bit of imagination. Draco and Cygnus are easy. Orion maybe not so much.

What brought all this on? Well today, in a seemingly unrelated enterprise at work today, I was plotting my standard deviation to see if I had any hope of converging a few iterations down the line. Up pops the graph and I immediately saw something jump out at me. But then again, with a standard deviation like 140, I had been having a pretty long day. Anyway, mouse over to see what I saw.

It's a dancing fish!!

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  1. The most special person in the world says:


    lol :-)

    if you look for the bear’s behind, and take the dipper’s stars to the edge – it’ll point you to the north star….tho…if you can’t figure out which one’s the north star, you’re probably an idiot heh.

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