I think I have most of it figured out now. There are┬áprobably going to be a few broken images lying around, not all the features I want are installed, and my footer thinks it’s a sidebar in FireFox, but I thought it was good enough to kick the Blogger bucket for good. Hello WordPress!

Oh, anybody does notice anything weird, or liked the way something was layed out before better than it is now, just leave a comment to let me know. I’m still settling in so a lot of the design is up in the air.

Now I promise I’ll stop writing geeky techno entries about stuff nobody cares about, and get back to my staple miscellaneous entries about stuff nobody cares about.

By the way, my dad seems to think strings are conscious omnipotent beings. I just thought I’d throw that out there.

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  1. David says:

    i’m expecting a lot more of your future posts to go under the “geek” category.

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