What’s always bugged me about Blogger is simply having to rely on an external system to update my website. For as much as I’ve been able to, I’ve always used features and programs that I could host locally, so that they were in my complete control. The message board is an example of this.

Since I have access to all the files, I can change nitpicky details as much as I want and customize new features as well. Oh the miracle that is open source.

This is the reason that I chose Blogger over LiveJournal and Xanga. What Blogger lacks in a user community, it makes up for many times over in the simple feature of letting you edit the raw HTML of your template. In the case of the other two, you have to pay to get this feature, if it’s even available at all.

Despite the advantages, Blogger is still an external service, and lately that has been causing problems. For the last little while I hadn’t been able to publish updates to my blog since there was a problem with my FTP server. Also, sometimes Blogger just sucks.

So to make a long story short, my FTP problem has been fixed and a few posts that I had tried to publish since late June are finally visible. The corollary is that I will soon be switching to WordPress. The open source revolution continues.

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  1. David says:

    you can edit the html of xanga too.

  2. GP says:

    Not all of it, unless you pay.
    I tried.

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