An American Symphony

There are many things piled up on top of my piano that cause me no end of trouble. Just yesterday I found Edvard Grieg’s Morgenstemning wanted me to play a six note chord with one hand. I did it, quite simply, by cheating. It works but it’s kind of embarassing when somebody who plays piano properly (and not just for kicks like me) happens to be watching.

Ever since I started to learn it, I’ve done nothing but cheat with An American Symphony. Syncopation is my nemesis. Actually, I can handle your average syncopation. Two quarter notes followed by two eighth notes in the left hand while the right hand plays dotted quarter notes in 12/8 time is my nemesis. Today I tried playing the real rhythms, but gave up after the third staff.

I’m going to go back to just making it up as I go along. I figure as long as I don’t let anybody look at the sheet music, they’ll never know. Don’t tell anybody. It’ll be our little secret.

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  1. Anita says:

    I’m “learning” Tchaikovsky’s Barcarolle at the moment. The one with all the ridiculous arpeggios. I’m really glad that when I play it there is no one around who knows how it is meant to sound. So pretty. But the finger gymnastics!

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