Google came very close today to being the final one stop solution to my everyday internet needs. But alas they couldn’t pull through in the end.

I just noticed, for one, that their support section does not have a search box. Curious to say the least.

Gmail is far superior to Hotmail in almost every way, but one feature that’s been lacking has always just stopped me from making the switch all together. That was filtering incoming emails into different folders. Yes I know Gmail has “labels“, yadda yadda, better than folders, yadda yadda, more than one per message, yadda yadda…. Well it isn’t enough!

I only just realised today that Gmail allows you to set filters and have messages bypass the Inbox entirely. (They specifically didn’t have this when I joined, and I just haven’t looked since then.) That, combined with a very well designed ability to send emails from different email addresses within the same account has now not only killed Hotmail for good, but also my McGill Webmail. The funny thing is I discovered this almost exactly thirty seconds after emailing Google and telling them they should have this feature.

Even cooler than that is the new (to me) Google Toolbar. I may be a bit slow on my upgrades, but I’m loving this new Bookmark button. I’ve been uploading archives of my favourites links to this website just so I could access them from other computers, but now Google can handle it all.

Guess what the one downside is… those stupid labels again! Putting a label on something puts it into a submenu in the Bookmark dropdown menu, but there’s no support for submenus (sublabels? subdirectories!). For a guy with 450 bookmarks in over 30 folders, subdirectories are a necessity.

Google’s the best search engine around, but their oft mentioned tagline “Search, don’t sort” really gets on my nerves. Why can’t it be both?

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2 Responses to “So close, Google, but not quite”

  1. David says:

    btw, if you go backwards in the junk mail folder, sometimes it’s still in the cache and you can click on the email. sometimes, not so lucky.

    and btw, re: ur comment on my xanga — if that were true, there’d already be world peace.

  2. GP says:

    For it to be true, you’d have to have everyone taking an eye for an eye in the first place.

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