Two disgusting and terrible things have happened to me this week.

The first is that I found out that McGill named their online course evalution tool “Mercury”. This is terrible because they had an open contest to find a name, and were offering an iPod as the prize. Literally two seconds after reading the email, I thought “Hmm… everything else is named after a god, so this should be named after the messenger god, like the guy with wings on his sandals in Disney’s Hercules.” I knew Hermes was the wrong pantheon, but I could easily have looked up that Mercury was his Roman equivalent. Curses!

The second terrible thing is Hotmail. I had had a bad customer service experience with a certain company, so I wrote an email to complain about it and ask again the question which didn’t get answered in the first place. The next day I log into Hotmail and start checking my Junk mail before erasing it. I always check since I once erased an email from a friend I hadn’t spoken to in months. There were no messages that looked like they were written by not spam software, so I clicked “Empty”, clicked “Report all as junk”, and clicked “OK”. Then, as the next page was slowly loading, I saw, nestled between the free viagra samples and a thirty minute law degree, “Ticket #15813 Re: Bad customer service”. And you know there’s no going back once you click OK in Hotmail’s junk folder. Curses again!

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