I hate these days, these Sunday afternoons between finishing a major project and starting a new one. Days between my membership at the Aquatic Center and another at the McGill athletics center. Days between one life and another.

My penchant for obscure melancholy tunes about unfulfilled dreams, saying goodbye, and lost love is bringing me down lately. Not that I have any particular unfulfilled dreams, people to say goodbye to, or lost loves to dwell on, mind you. They’re just nice songs to listen to.

Let me sing you a waltz
Out of nowhere, out of my thoughts

It’s times like these when I least know what to do with myself, for now or for ever. What do I have to do in the next week? Burn some files to DVD, and do some webpage design for my dad. Read some books. Mentally prepare myself for string theory and moral philosophy, if indeed I can finally decide whether I’m taking those courses or not.

I’m very much a homebody at times. I just like to stay at home and watch a movie. The last episode of Fraggle Rock, perhaps. Something sad and happy and quiet and melodic with which to fall asleep. Wouldn’t it be nice.

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