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The best free visitor counter service around has got to be StatCounter, and this map is the icing on the cake. I may only be able to plot the last 25 or so visitors, which doesn’t even cover a single day, but it’s still fun. The only purpose I can see is to stroke my own ego, but who doesn’t enjoy a good stroke now and then?

The greatest thing about StatCounter is that I don’t have to put a tacky little counter anywhere on my site, nor do I even need to display their logo. Since you don’t see that logo plastered everywhere on the web, I’m sure a lot of people don’t even know they’re out there. I figure I should give them a shameless plug every now and again to make up for it, especially since I haven’t upgraded beyond the free service level.

Now, for those of you concerned about privacy, first of all I say get over it. Any respectable website out there is recording much more than your IP address, which is how the map above is made (yes, IP addresses can be traced to a general location). What do you have to hide anyway? If you don’t agree, and even if you do, you should see my recommended reading for the day: Robert Sawyer’s article “Privacy, Who Needs It?“. It’s one of my two favourite articles of all time, and has a permanent place in my browser bookmarks.

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