I notice there’s something different about living in New Brunswick compared to Montreal. Well, obviously, right? But this is something that never really occured to me.

The thing about Saint John is that as long as you aren’t right downtown (which is really only a few blocks big anyway) the buildings are only a few storeys tall and there’s lots of greenspace between.

I’m not one to play with semantics, but in Montreal even if you go outdoors you’re never really outside. Sure sometime’s it’s wet, and sometimes the lighting is better than usual, but I never really feel like I’m outside the way you can’t avoid in Saint John. On my twenty minute drive to work, for example, I only get glimpses of buildings through the trees. I’m never lost in a concrete jungle the way I am in Montreal. That’s why I loved living in Verdun — I could cross the street and walk along the fleuve Saint-Laurent.

My feet hurt I don’t mean to sound preachy about the evils of big city living though. After all, yesterday at New River Beach I was reminded that there are also definite downsides to being outside.

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