BooberfishThe first pet I ever had that was all my own was named Booberfish. I got him over four years ago mostly on an impulse after seeing a bunch of Betta fish on display at the pet store.

I picked out an aquarium bigger than what the salesman said I needed for a Betta and brought him home to live on the desk in my room with artificial blue pebbles and a plastic seaweed plant. With much deliberation, he was christened after a combination of his species and a character from my favourite children’s TV show.

I think he was a happy fish. One day after school, just a few days after getting him, he had built a little bubble nest in the corner. At first I was afraid that this meant that Booberfish was actually a she ready to spawn billions of baby Bettas, but the internet soon told me that it just meant he felt at home.

Then I got greedy. Thinking that things were going so well, I decided to expand my small family by getting two little yellow fish, Pablo and Fiesta, and a real aquatic plant to replace the kitchy plastic one. Unfortunately Booberfish didn’t take too kindly to his new tankmates. When I first introduced them, he sped off as fast as he could to the other side of the tank, hitting his head on the side on the way. He was never the same after that.

I moved Pablo and Fiesta and the new plant to their own fishbowl, but the damage was done. Booberfish had become listless, and he stopped upkeep on his bubble nest. I think it was only about a week after I got him that he died.

I wanted the best for Booberfish, so Meghan and I put his body in the Kennebecasis River. Pablo and Fiesta lived on for a few months after that, but I always blamed them for Booberfish’s death so I didn’t really mind when they died. They got the toilet.

I wanted a name for this website that was more unique, memorable, and personal than its former moniker, and Booberfish was one of the first ideas that came to mind. There’s nothing really deep about my decision to name the site after him other than I just think it’s a cool name, but I thought it would be nice to put the background of the name on the record.

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