Not because I don’t have any friends, but just because I think there’s a nice quite of peace in being alone sometimes.

Let me clarify.

Yesterday, as a result of the shootings at Dawson College (about which this blog post is not), some of the other buildings in the area were evacuated and closed down, including the nearby Atwater metro station. My route to the pool where I usually swim laps takes me through that station, and yesterday I passed through only a couple hours after it was reopened. In what is a relatively busy station, there were only three or four people on the platform. Coming from Guy-Concordia metro, at which about thirty people had gotten onto my car alone, it was a nice contrast.

I’ve had this feeling before.

I always liked the bus, in part because no matter where I was going, how late I was, or how much of a rush I was in, all that stress would just evaporate once I took my seat. When you take the bus all you do is take the bus. Another lovely tautology.

But of course this only happens when there’s lots going on in my life otherwise — there’s no appreciating an oasis in a rainforest. I love spending time with people, but every once in a while, for just enough time to take the bus from one place to another, it’s nice to just relax. Alone or not.

Maybe I’m just depressed. Depressed people say things like that.

Don’t worry, I’m not, but I do realise that that’s how I sound.

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  1. Curtis says:

    I googled “I’m a bit of a loner” and came across your site. I was dreaming of interviewing for a job as a firefighter, and gradually woke up. I’m not much of a conversationalist, often, especially in certain situations. And I think that a firefighter might need to have certain social skills suitable for living in a station.
    All this is somewhat irrevelent anyway, because I’m 51 years old, have been working in the same job (Water Meter Reader/Inspector) for most of the past 21 years, and am not actively seeking a career change.
    But I look at my four-year-old son and think about what direction he might choose, and how he interacts with friends.

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