I hate it when I realise that I’ve been dupped by a sly marketing scheme.

Starbucks started the sweet trend to lure people who don’t necessarily like plain coffee, said coffee lover and freelance writer Gilbert Bouchard of Edmonton.

CBC News – Coffee drinks loaded with fat and calories: report

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s no surprise that the things aren’t healthy, but it’s a bit creepy thinking that drinks like Tim Horton’s French Vanilla cappucino might have been inventented just to warp my non-coffee drinking sensibilities.

I’ll just have to reinstate my policy of only drinking such things during Roll Up the Rim season, and social events. (Yes, I know Roll Up the Rim is just another marketing thing, but at least there are prizes other than 560 calories involved.)

On the flip side, it is very satisfying when I can see through these marketing things. Example: Aquafina’s commecial about having a low “TDS” score is not necessarily a good thing! Pure water, with no solids or whatnot, will kill you.

The moral of the story is that the way out of any argument/debate/conversation is to say, “That’s all well and good, but remember, even pure water is poisonous.”

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