Bowls of fruit makes it feel like homeIt turns out, all you need to make an apartment feel a bit more like home is a nice bowl of fruit on the kitchen table. Of course getting the kitchen table in the first place helped a bit too.

The next plan of action is either to deal with the empty walls in the living room or get some living greenery around. I was going to plant a potato, seeing as how they’re already sprouting under my sink anyway, but I read on the internet that there’s a high chance of introducing a pest like a nematode or flatworm from planting regular grocery store potatos. I have enough trouble with fruit flies.

My improvised spurtleWhat I really need is a spurtle. Why shouldn’t I have a kitchen utensil whose sole purpose is to stir cheese sauce? And possibly other sauces. Assuming I ever learn how to make other sauces. The trick, I think, will be finding a store that still sells them.
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  1. [...] Sure, you could use a fondue fork, but chopsticks work just as well. I also bought a candy thermometer for this step. Slightly needless, true, but a necessary step in getting a kitchen as well equipped as my mother’s. (I still need a spurtle.) [...]

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