It’s times like these — after I trudged through pouring rain only to find I forgot my McGill ID in my gym bag and thus can’t get into the Burnside building — when I wish everybody had ID chips implanted in their wrists. Add one entry in the database for McGill and I’d be all set.

Well, things were made a bit better by the news that Richard Dawkins will be coming to speak at McGill in October. Considering that Robert J Sawyer is doing a few public readings in Montreal that same week, I think my head might explode.

Earlier today I took part in an economics experiment. These things often involve a team setting where how much money you earn depends on the decisions you and your partners make. Usually your decisions are private, and while I find there is usually one way to optimize payment for everybody, people will always try to work things to get more for themselves.

Today, however, we had the option to disclose all sorts of information and discuss strategy. With everything out in the open, everybody was much more willing to cooperate and I ended up making a lot more than I would have had we all been working in secret.

Between that and the ID chip, I am once again convinced that we’d all be better off with a little less privacy. Less privacy regarding the solutions to my electromagnetism assignment would be a good start.

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