Rothesay Elemntary's new security feature

I was riding around this small provincial town one last time before flying back to Montreal tomorrow, and I came across this sad, sad sight at Rothesay Elementary School.

Back in my day, teachers would always be telling us kids that we aren’t allowed to play in the woods. Regardless of their warnings, on this side of the playground especially, every day kids would run in to play tag, hide-and-seek, and build forts of questionable structural integrity out of old logs and branches. Every once in a while someone would yell “TEACHER!” and dozens of kids would flee in every direction like cockroaches startled by bright lights.

And of course there was always the favourite of seeing how deep into the woods you or your friends dared to go. This was especially scary on the north side of the playground, since we were quite sure that Chainsaw Billy Bob lived back there.

It’s no wonder kids of today are obese and addicted to their fancy electronic gaming devices — their teachers fenced off the most prime piece of recess real estate around!

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2 Responses to “Who wants to climb over the fence?”

  1. David says:

    sexual predators could lurk in the woods. i think the fence is good.

  2. GP says:

    This is Rothesay, New Brunswick. They were *definitely* more concerned with a kid falling out of a tree than anybody being in the woods.

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