I love these days where I get tons of stuff done but really I don’t do anything at all.

I rearranged my apartment after being spurred on by the offer of a free kitchen table. Now, even with more furniture, my apartment feels twice as big. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing yet, though, since I do like a nice cozy feeling. Does anybody have a wall they want to donate, so that I might make myself a separate bedroom one again?

The rest of the afternoon was spent waiting for my parents to arrive in town, i.e. watching TV. Once they finished getting lost, I showed off my place to them (it was their first visit) and we went out to supper at the best Japanese restaurant in Montreal. Sending them on their way again, it was back to my place for some casual snacking and watching Terry on CTV.

Good movie, but the way. But I think it would be very difficult to tell the Terry Fox story in a way that was not touching.

As for the rest of the night… well, there’s no way I’m going to start studying now. My thesis will have to wait until tomorrow.

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  1. David says:

    i loved the terry movie just because ice-boy from x-men was playing the main character.

    is osaka really the best? i’ve never really liked it thaaat much.. i think it’s good. same for sakura.. but osaka’s more cozy and just as expensive soooo…i dunno…

  2. GP says:

    I haven’t been to Sakura. Of the ones I have been to, Osaka is the best, largely because of the authenticity. Odaki, for example, is really good too, but it wasn’t really strickly a Japanese restaurant.

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