I’ve noticed a pattern here and it’s really starting to bug be. Every night I want to go out for a swim, it’s raining. And ever night I want to go to the gym, it’s raining. If I go during the day it’s ok, but Montreal weather seems to really love taking a turn for the worse when I’m seen lugging my gym bag around at night.

“Oh, he’s walking around in the dark, let’s also make it cold, wet, and windy.”

Of course maybe the weather around here is just miserable anyway. No, wait, it definitely is just miserable around here anyway. The fact that all the miserableness seems to occur when I’m going to the gym is just a little suspect. That’s all.

Now I have a sudden desire to read So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. And you know what? I’m perfectly justified in doing so, since my assignment isn’t due for another week! Hazaa!

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