I think I might actually take a proactive approach to my “career”. The Canadian Undergratuate Physics Conference this year is being held in, of all places, Fredericton. Not only that, but from the research I did over the summer for NSERC I even have something I could present.

It only comes down to:

  1. actually submitting an abstract to the powers-that-be
  2. figuring out what the proper format for a poster is
  3. figuring out what is entailed in actually presenting such a thing
  4. deciding if I can go away for five days leading up to my String Theory midterm and my philosophy midterm
  5. actually getting accepted to present in the first place
  6. and partying it up in the F’ton.

Total cake walk. (*rolls eyes*)

Actually, even more than the String Theory midterm, the thing that gives me the most pause about all this is that I would be away on October 21st, the day Richard Dawkins is speaking at McGill. I haven’t even read anything by this man (for shame, I know) but I feel like he’s already my hero.

What to do, what to do…

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