My shopping technique reminds me of a computer program. In order to write a computer program, you have to know exactly what you want out at the end. For me, in order to shop, I have to know exactly what I want before I even start.

Today I went out with a vague idea that I would get a few shirts, one of which would be a white long sleeve t-shirt, possibly a pair of jeans if I could find any that fit my tastes, and some new underwear.

I ended up getting exactly one shirt — the white long sleeve one — and one pair of jeans.

As for jeans, I have very strict criteria of (1) dark, (2) less than $100, (3) no pre-worn holes, and (4) that they fit. I check each pair in the store and if they match the first three I’ll try them on, and then if any match number four I can buy it. Only about one pair each year matches the profile, and I found one today.

As for “a few shirts” and “some new underwear”, I came up empty, simply because if you told a robot to go buy “a few shirts” and “some new underwear” it wouldn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t know what I wanted. My brain’s shopping software isn’t complex enough to do pattern recognition and data analysis to figure out what I might like.

I’m just a lazy robot.

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  1. david says:

    you should lose your luggage more for the sake of your wardrobe.

  2. 01101010 says:

    this is, strangely, almost the same as my shopping program. i can’t just wander aimlessly or ‘windowshop’ as some call it. it just doesn’t make sense. kinda like dancing.

  3. GP says:

    Needing to replace clothes just makes it worse, because I get pressured into buying stuff I don’t really like. There’s some stuff I like maye 80% enough to buy, but my budget isn’t forgiving enough to bother.

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